“Secret Birds is the music making identity of the Australian globetrotter otherwise known as XXXX. His mid-tempo compositions stretch the gamut from airy rushes of composite psych to pieces such as “Part II,” which flaunt resonant synth sequences pulled from that dream you had last time you drifted off while listening to The Orb. Movement within this piece is subtle, relying on volume fades, filter manipulation, and shifts in modulation to create build-ups that leave as quickly as they come. It’s enough to tempt us into crafting a complex water metaphor, but we will spare you. The result is unreservedly melodic and extremely well suited to the fed back sketches of gulls that navigate the constantly folding and twisted skies of the video.” 
alteredzones.com 2011
"Mind-altering drone and psychedelic noise journeys here by Australian native XXXX aka Secret Birds, currently residing in Tokyo, who returns with his sophomore full-length 'Peace Forest'later this month. The four-track cassette is a breathless exploration into meandering soundscapes made up of distorted guitar drones, heavy layers of synth and restless, tropical drum machine trances, somewhere between Sun Araw, High Wolf and Ducktails, according to the artist 'inspired by night rides around Shibuya'. Hot and sultry these nights were, we assume. The tape is absolutely mesmerizing stuff from start to finish. Highly recommended. 
nofearofpop.net 2011
Pardon my ignorance if you will, but elaborate opera houses aside Sydney oft appears to be left a little wanting in all stakes sonic. Needless to say more than happy to have the hypothesis ruthlessly disproved, although I'm already envisaging few doing so more emphatically than the  Secret Birds just did: hung up somewhere between CarnivalsKagoule and something altogether more Aboriginal as though ravenous bird of prey spazzing out on telephone cabling, Zen Pyramid is a resplendent wig out which sounds something along the revelatory lines of this here globe's purported 7-day creation crammed into thirteen casually sublime minutes. 
dotsanddashes 2012
Beatific, innergazing prog synth structures emerge from the lo-fi sea of tape hiss and dusted drones on the cassette by Sydney, Australia based sound researcher Damon Black. Sometimes gazing into the general direction of analog synth ancestors, other times having an affair with freakiest of the folks and New Weird America (Australia?) stylings. A thorougly psychedelic, expansive and adventurous listen. Relaxing and blissful without becoming sleep-inducing, jammy without becoming chaotic. Brilliant tape! Highly recommended. Weed Temple
A challenging and progressive confluence of styles from Secret Birds, with  In Hex on No Kings. Wonderful transition between genres, from front to back. Tracks like the hypnotic opener  Century Waves bathe the ear in damaged, low resolution loops, sometimes somber, others warm and uplifting. Others, like the exceptional close,  Zen Pyramid, begin in a swirl of loose reverberating drums, and end in a tumbling cyclical mix of buzzing guitar. A grey (or is it pink?) area where drum circles, hallucinatory images, electronics, and sludge guitar fuzz share an unusual kinship. A future earth forest ritual where extraterrestrial druids have begun reconstructing the Eagle Twin studio outtakes. An extremely rewarding and transportive recording. Killer. 
guidemelittletape 2012