In Hex Reviews

26 Aug 2012

Kind words from some cool blogs:

A challenging and progressive confluence of styles from Secret Birds, with <em>In Hex</em> on No Kings. Wonderful transition between genres, from front to back. Tracks like the hypnotic opener <em>Century Waves</em> bathe the ear in damaged, low resolution loops, sometimes somber, others warm and uplifting. Others, like the exceptional close, <em>Zen Pyramid</em>, begin in a swirl of loose reverberating drums, and end in a tumbling cyclical mix of buzzing guitar. A grey (or is it pink?) area where drum circles, hallucinatory images, electronics, and sludge guitar fuzz share an unusual kinship. A future earth forest ritual where extraterrestrial druids have begun reconstructing the Eagle Twin studio outtakes. An extremely rewarding and transportive recording. Killer.

With its form constantly morphing, <em>In Hex</em> serenades all corners of your expansive mind with an alluring mix of heavy psych, space rock, kraut and shimmering drone. The amalgamation of sounds circumvent the filter in your head and blaze a path toward the lucid - all colors of the rainbow.  In aesthetic, it partly recalls the massive riffs and warm drone of the Koi Pond lp on Sonic Meditations.